16 December 2021, The Grand New Delhi

Digital Opportunities in Upstream

Global Upstream Technology Expo & Conference 2021 (GUTEC) takes a holistic account of some of the most crucial disruptions in the upstream Oil & Gas industry, which have redefined the ways it operates, delivers, improves and innovates in the times of digital renaissance. Further, it also takes a deeper insight into which technologies prove a strategic fit for leveraging multiple aspects of the Oil & Gas functioning.

Digital opportunities in upstream

To remain competitive, Upstream oil and gas companies of all sizes are increasingly realizing the need to deliver operational improvements as a means of achieving greater capital efficiency. The fundamental driver is simple; leveraging the power of digital technology to transform business operations can deliver real, sustained value to the bottom line. ‘Going Digital’ becoming increasingly necessary as costs is forced downwards and the labour force shrinks, whilst efficiency and production need to rise. So in this session, we will see how digitizing the upstream sector in the Oil & Gas field can improve its efficiency.

Digital Exploration & Recovery Factor

Information technology is vital to oil and gas exploration, which is one of the most data-centric segments of the oil and gas value chain. Exploration requires data processing on a vast scale and high computing power for intensive modelling. While data-driven decision-making has been at the heart of exploration for many years, digitalisation in exploration presents valuable data and analytics opportunities that can speed up reservoir interpretation as well as the time it takes to reach first oil. So in this session, we will learn more about Digital Exploration & Recovery.

Cyber Threats to Hydrocarbon industry: Current & Emerging

Critical Infrastructure has often been a priority target by nation-states, but as cyber criminals continue to increase their threat surface, oil & gas targets have continued to be targeted for ransom ware and other criminal attacks. In this session, we will discuss real-world case-study where we’ll learn where these attacks will go in 2020 and beyond, as well as the information will be provided on the defences that can we leverage against them. Must attend session so your company isn’t the next to be targeted!

Creating Future Digital Teams

63% of executives say lack of skilled team is the biggest obstacle to digital innovation: Assess, Learn and Grow is the key for the digital revolution for better experiences in Skills, mind-sets, relationships and behaviours. Leaders have realised the greatest untapped differentiator is their people. In future approximately 80% jobs will require digital competencies. But only friction of current work force is digitally native. Digitalization has intensified the rhythm of competition in all the industries, leaving executives adrift, with information-gathering systems that are too slow or disconnected. A certain change is required in direction-setting approaches that are too timid, and talent-management norms that are misaligned and incremental. Digitalization is putting pressure on profit pools as it transfers an increasing share of value to consumers.