16 December 2021, The Grand New Delhi

Digital Opportunities in Upstream
Conference Program

April 2021
    Le Méridien, New Delhi, India
  • 0800 - 0900

  • 0900 - 1030
    Inaugural Session / Keynote Session+

    • VP Mahawar,

      President, ShesPro
      Former-Director (Onshore), ONGC

    • VP Mahawar,

      President, ShesPro
      Former-Director (Onshore), ONGC

    • Dr. Anand Gupta,

      Additional Director General (Development)-Directorate General of Hydrocarbons

    • Anand Mohan,

      Former Executive Director (Onshore) -ONGC

    • Pankaj Kumar Goswami

      Director (Operations)- Oil India Limited

  • 0945 - 1115
    Panel Discussion+

      Human Aspect & Future Upstream Technology

      Technology is increasingly replacing the roles of humans across the upstream technology.

      The Digital Technology in the oil and gas industry is well underway and has the potential to transform efficiency and working practices across the entire upstream.

      The idea that algorithms will replace humans is nowhere close to being true. Algorithms suffer if they don't integrate with humans. But machine learning will get closer and closer to the human operator.

      This conference provides a platform where industry expert can get to know how human operators make decisions so they will be less and less directly involved. Humans will be more focused on open-ended and strategic decisions. They will not need to go to dangerous places such as sub-sea pipelines.

      Oil & gas industry become receptive to upstream technology The mindset has changed at the executive level—it is no longer conservative. Curiosity and openness to new technology increased vastly in the last five years, due to oil price instability and uncertainty for the industry But implementing is harder than believing. Knowledge is fragmented between IT people and field operators. It can be hard for field workers that have followed rigid procedures for 10 years to adapt to real-time intelligence

    • Panel Moderator

      Deepak Mahurkar,


    • Panelists

    • Anoop Sharma,


    • Chanpreet Sahni,

      Vice President,
      Hexagon PPM

  • 1115 - 1145
    Coffee Break

  • 1145 - 1315
    Technical Session 1+

      Digital Transformation as a Business Risk and Opportunity for Oil & Gas

      This session presents an updated view on the status of digital transformation/Industry 4.0 and how we are right now at the edge of profound changes to how work is done, money is made and even how it is deeply impacting our life. Our existence as humans has always been tied to our ability to adapt to the changes around us. Now, the velocity of this evolution has taken an exponential direction, where everything is becoming connected to everything else while global megatrends, politics, and public sentiment is in almost a constant flux. People, companies, and even countries are playing a catch-up game trying to grasp and position themselves to both exploit the vast opportunities that exist, while acknowledging that sustainability is becoming an increasingly important factor. At the edge of 2020, the existing business foundations are just not adequate or constructed for the data-intensive, hyperconnected, and cross-collaborative world that is fuelling the future of our businesses and our lives.

      This will be both thought provoking and informative, while guiding and providing insight to how we are moving almost "on autopilot" towards a new digitized paradigm of AI, VR, machine learning, Industry 4.0 and the use of cognitive science that will force us to reframe our legacy thinking.

    • Session Chair

      Titiksha Mukherjee,

      Tieto India

    • Speakers

    • Amit Ranjan,

      Principal Petroleum Engineer,
      Cairn Oil & Gas Vedanta Ltd

    • Sudhanshu Chugh,

      Oil India Limited

    • Parveen Nakkella,

      Head Pre-Sales,
      Hexagon PPM

  • 1315 - 1400
    Lunch Break

  • 1400 - 1530
    Technical Session 2+

      The Next Era of Automated AI in Oil and Gas

      Oil and gas is starting to more widely adopt AI, but there are pain points. It's hard to find enough data scientists and then implement the models they produce. In this presenter will share how Automated AI changes the practice of data science using several case studies. The case studies will show how it’s possible to draw upon your existing experience workforce to start building predictive models. Automation can also take the timeline for projects from months to days. Finally, automation promotes a culture based on reuse and replication, which enables continuous improvement.

      Accelerating Impactful Innovation in Upstream Digital Technology

      In July 2008 with the oil price at $147/barrel, delivering innovation wasn’t a top priority for many oil companies. In 2019, innovation and in particular digital innovation have taken centre stage in enabling companies to re-orient their businesses to the new economic reality. However, innovation in and of itself is only part of the story. Innovation must be both impactful and timely. In this presentation, the following innovation themes will be considered:

      • From Generation Z to Generation See-the-Beach innovating across the workforce
      • Vendors, Communities and Secret Sauce – how to balance the innovation pipeline
      • Building effective co-innovation teams between business and technology

    • Session Chair

      V N Mathur,

      ED, Chief HSE,

    • Speakers

    • Sanjeev Chauhan,

      Senior Director,

    • Somdev Singh,

      Chief Mentor,

    • Harjot Kalra,

      Oil and Gas Specialist, AISPL

  • 1530 - 1545
    Coffee Break

  • 1545 - 1715
    Technical Session 3+

      Building the Facility of the Future

      If you were handed a blank check with a chance to build the facility of the future that utilized Industry 4.0 technologies, what would you do? How would this change the way your organization works? What type of training, safety considerations, and environmental aspects would you need to consider? How would the people who operate the facility need to change? …the infrastructure? …the ways your organization operates?

      In this panel, we will discuss what the future trends are for these areas, by sparking new ideas: what would your blank check and dream be?

    • Session Chair

      Hridesh Baindail,

      Executive Director (E&P),

    • Speakers

    • Jonathan Gibson,

      Vice-President, Business Development International,

    • Abhishek Jobanputra,

      Manager – Hydrocarbon & Digital Operations,

    • Bharath Balasubramanian,

      Senior Technical Sales Consultant,

  • 1715 - 1800
    Closing Remarks+

    • VP Mahawar,

      Chairman - GUTEC 2020,
      President - Shespro
      Former Director (Onshore) - ONGC